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iTurk Support Application

iTurk Support Application is a “Must Download” application in other to enhance a smooth running of all iTurk Systems. This software does not keep records or send us any information, it covers no backtracks as to sending us information about you company.

The software only helps all iTurk Applications to run smoothly on any version of Windows OS.

Tally ERP.9

Financial Accounting, Inventory Management & Controls, Payroll, Asset & Liabilities register, Bill-wise transactions & reports etc
Batch Vouchers Reports such as Multi-Currency Transactions & Reports, Outstanding bills (Payable & Receivable), Receipts and Payments, Income and Expenses, Balance sheet, P/L, Ratio Analysis, etc
Sales & Purchases, Point of Sale, Job/Project Costing, Manufacturing, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Branch Management, Cost Centre Management, Budget, Data audit, Security & Access Control etc
Customization reports available for your day to day activities to suit the benefit of your company (T&C apply).

Eset Anti-Virus

Eset Anti Virus
Protects you against all types of malware, including viruses, ransomware, worms and spyware
Enjoy the full power of your computer. Play, work and browse the internet without slowdowns
No system updates or annoying pop-ups while you play games or run a program in a full-screen mode
Simple, reliable protection, State-of-the-art technology, Minimal power usage, Easy to install, renew and upgrade etc.

iTurk Point Of Sale

iTurk Point of Sale
Credit Sales Allowed
Flexible Auto Generate Barcode for items
Simple User Interface with Lot No. / Rack / Shelves management
Stock, Financial Management and much more

iTurk School Management

iTurk School Management System
ERP Software for Schools to handle Enquiry, Admission and Fee Management
Complete Library Management, Reminder Letters, and Attendance Register (Integrated Mobile App)
Time Table, Certificates, ID Card, Demand Register, Defaulters List, Fees Due List, Bulk SMS (integrated), Birthday Reminders, etc.
Stock, Financial Accounting & more.. Now with Mobile App.

iTurk College Management

iTurk College Management System
Institute Management Software to handle daily inquiries and student records
Fees collection / Accounting Management, Easy Banking, Interest Calculation, Sale/ Purchase etc
Admission Management with Photo.
Stock, Financial Accounting & more.. Now with Mobile App.

iTurk Hotel Management

iTurk Hotel Management System
Kitchen Order Ticket (K.O.T) Management and Stock Management
Check In & Check Out, Room Reservation etc
Misc. Charges (i.e. Room service, Laundry etc), Very easy to operate
Stock, Financial Accounting & more..

iTurk Church Management

iTurk Church Management System
Church Management software to manage membership details
Family relationships, birthdays, anniversaries, groups, needs & Interests
Pledge / Giving Management etc
Fully Integrated with financial accounting.

iTurk Finance Pro

Software for Non Banking Finance Companies to maintain customer and hypothecated Vehicle records
Insurance management, permit reminders etc
Loan / Automatic Fine calculation on defaulters.
Integrated with stock management and financial accounting

iTurk Lab Management

iTurk Lab Management System
Maintain record of patients with accurate test reports
Management of different types of test reports Like Biochemistry, Serology, Widal, HB, TLC, DLC, Complete Blood Test etc
Completely customizable with own Tests and formulations
Easy to handle, Fast Implementation and many more.

iTurk Pharmaceutical

iTurk Pharmacy Management System
Complete Wholesale Chemists Management and Retail Management
Billing Management together with Complete Stocks Management
Expiry Drugs records / Regular Reminder etc
Complete Accounts and Breakage Management etc

iTurk Laundry System

iTurk Laundry Management System
Manage order bookings
Delivery with Tag Printing to track any item in stock
Tracks and keep records of both delivered and undelivered stocks
Complete Financial Accounts Management and many more

Our Performance

Since  it’s establishment, Turkworld I.T Solutions have fallen within the Top 5 best I.T Service providers to have performed immensely to technological growth in Ghana. The graphical representation (Chart) of Our Performance was arrived at based on a few measures.

Latest industry research by professionals
High demand for our software and other I.T services
Throughout market data analysis
Individual assessment and approach
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